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This guide on behaviour management covers ways that we can effectively manage student behaviours whilst building trust and rapport.

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  • Do I need a specific training or experience to work in SEN setting?
    No! You don't have to have any experience teaching in SEN settings. We'll support you with training and development to upskill if you have an interest in special needs settings. We can also help you find a range of roles, including: SEN teaching assistants Support staff, attendant carers and specialised program staff e.g. hydro pool assistants ​Degree qualified SEN specialist teachers
  • I have never worked in SEN schools before, what type of support do you offer?
    Our experienced consultants will prepare you with all the tools you need to thrive in SEN settings. Before attending a new school anzuk will provide you with an extensive individual school resource guide to help you understand the new environment better. If you are still nervous we can organise shadowing days with specialist schools to give you a better idea of what it will be like working in these environments and ease your way in. anzuk will not pressure you to work anywhere you are not comfortable in, we always strive to place you in settings that are the right fit for you!
  • Do SEN schools have TA support?
    SEN schools in particular are known for having a very supportive staff culture, and typically have 1 TA for every 1-3 students (many SEN schools have a ratio of 1:3).
  • Will I have to assist students with toileting?
    You may need to assist a student with toileting whilst working in a SEN setting. However, these settings will have the proper bathroom facilities to make this as easy, for both you and the student, as possible. Toileting doesn’t have to be a challenging task. You can make this task more positive by making it fun. Don’t be afraid to sing with your student, tell jokes or just talk to them through the process. By helping students when in a vulnerable state you can begin to build trust with them which can lead to rewarding behavioural changes with you and your students. You can always ask your anzuk consultant if you have any other questions about toileting, they will be able to help you feel more confident about the approaching the subject.
  • What are some behaviour management strategies I can use in SEN settings?
    Before you start you day it is important to find out as much information about the SEN setting you will be working in. This will allow you to prepare for the day and allow you to better understand the children’s needs. When you arrive at the school you can ask if there are any behaviour management policies/positive behaviour plans you should be aware of, as well as whom you should contact if you need help. For more information on behaviour management tips check out this guide on ways that we can effectively manage student behaviours whilst building long-lasting trust and rapport:


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